Friday, April 28, 2017
Demand for world-class real estate in the GCC has never been greater

The GCC region has witnessed rapid economic development and demographic changes recently, and with the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai and FIFA 2022 in Doha, the demand for amenities and world-class infrastructure has never been greater.

In this backdrop, IDE Consulting, a global real estate solutions provider, will host the exclusive 11th Edition Hotelier Summit Middle East in Doha on the 17th and 18th of May, 2017.

The Hotelier Summit Middle East is an intense two day programme with the sole focus of illustrating to hotel owners, operators, developers, architects, interior designers, consultants, service providers and investors how to profitably leverage returns on their products and services.

“As real estate industry in the GCC continues to advance, we at IDE can help the stakeholders of the real estate industry to connect on one platform. As such, if the developer is looking for finance, we can connect him / her with the top real estate investors in the region. If the developer is looking for an architect, we can schedule meetings with architects at the Hotelier Summit." said Ganesh Babu, Director of IDE, organisers of the Hotelier Summit Middle East.

“In a typical exhibition or expo, all we see is an exchange of numerous business cards and collection of polished marketing collateral with little to no genuine leads and prospects. The Hotelier Summit Middle East is designed to change this trend by enabling the attendees to build targeted connections.” Added Babu.

As an executive deal-flow platform, the Hotelier Summit Middle East connects the buyers and suppliers of various hospitality products and services.

It is evident that the GCC Region will benefit tremendously from an initiative of this kind, as in the UAE alone, the real estate sector employed about 821,560 people (18.6 percent of the total workforce) and in 2015 the sector contributed about 13.3 percent to GDP.

The most unique feature of the initiative is that this is a one-stop shop for real estate project owners, regardless of the stage of the project. From the feasibility study to the sale and operations, IDE will identify and qualify each delegate attending the summit. This arms project developers and stakeholders with options to ensure the project stays on track.

“We follow a process in which every attending supplier is qualified based on their ability and track record catering to the market. After the due diligence is done, we recommend the optimum suppliers to the project owners at a time that is convenient for the project owner. This could be at the event, before the event or even after the event.” Said Amritha Gowda Mitta, Head of Supplier Acquisition – Middle East, IDE.

The GCC has clearly emerged as an attractive destination for global investors in the real estate sector, and initiatives such as the Hotelier Summit Middle East are designed to ensure that the GCC will remain a bright spot on the global map.

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